Russ Melton’s Vision for Sunnyvale

Seven 2024 Campaign Pillars for Quality of Life

Safe and Secure City

  • Increase number of sworn officers corresponding with growth of the City
  • Continue strong recruitment of new officers to take over for retiring personnel
  • Move forward on rebuild of Fire Station 2. Start work on rehabilitation of Fire Stations 1, 3, 4 and 6.
  • Add resources to DPS for stronger abatement of illegally parked vehicles
  • Sunnyvale Unity

Fiscal Responsibility

  • Oversee best practices on City budget and finances
  • Carefully manage General Fund expenditures while maintaining appropriate rainy-day reserves
  • Adhere to Sunnyvale’s tried-and-true 20-year budget system
  • Put away additional funding to deal with City’s $400 million unfunded pension liability
  • Oppose unnecessary new taxes that will take money from your pocket

A Sensible Plan for the Unhoused

  • Increase stock of housing and affordable housing in recently upzoned areas of Moffett Park, Downtown, El Camino and Lawrence Station
  • Explore possibility for sanctioned encampments and sanctioned RV parking in Sunnyvale
  • Strongly support California’s CARE Courts, a new specialized court system with authority to compel individuals needing care into treatment facilities
  • Support Sunnyvale Community Services

Smart Infrastructure

  • Aggressively implement Vision Zero Plan and Active Transportation plan, for bicycle and pedestrian safety and connectivity programs
  • Strong oversight of Water Pollution Control Plant re-build
  • Commence planning and secure funding for Advanced Water Treatment Facility (AWTF) in Sunnyvale
  • Move forward on infrastructure planning: (a) Caltrain grade separations at Mary and Sunnyvale Avenues; (b) possible Maryland Avenue overpass; and (c) Bernardo Avenue undercrossing

Environmental Sustainability

  • Meet 2030 and 2050 greenhouse gas reduction targets
  • Meet 2025 organic waste reduction target (SB-1383) while ensuring maximum community outreach, engagement and participation
  • Continue forward on City’s Climate Playbook

Manage Balanced Growth in Land Planning

  • Balance growth, housing and traffic
  • Realize vision of vibrant downtown
  • Come to a balanced solution on redevelopment of the Main Public Library
  • Support Sunnyvale businesses

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